Pantheon Remix Ft. Cody Miles

by Mista Min

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(Hook) You stinking old man, you think you know man? Your blinking show them, that you don't know than... On the path we on to the pantheon, strapped up for that ambiance You stinking old man, you think you know man? Your blinking show them, that you don't know than... On the path we on to the pantheon, who are you to talk back to God? (Mista Min) Yea, what you know "B"? You don't know these, simple facts dog. Teach em' all y'all, let'em all call, bring'em all those democratic converters, demographic observers. Telling we who we be; negro, Latino and Chinese. People in assembly please, we just I, I be I, please let me clarify, amplify, redefine the divine, simplify...? Ain't no way you can do that "B" in your stupidity. Futility, futile man, you don't understand these feudal clans, waging war in foreign lands. Oil and sand, evolution, gay is the next man... restitution to African's. Institutions don't understand we rape all the lands and take all we can; don't play this to the Klu Klux Klan, as they cluck like ducks and say the spears we chuck... as we wear Chinese-chucks!!! (Hook) (Cody Miles) Excuse me if I seem insincere, I promise every word was written to be here, So we see clear, we fear God above reefer, Speak a proverb over those who loath the Easter, How can you deny the sovereign God in Babylon? The capstone rejected still will crush those that babble on, The cattle throng follows wrong logic , add along The fact that the product is a sad attack at the throne, Watch it, dawg, Your hands tamper with the plans that are gifts And turn straight paths to labyrinths You said your name But qualified it with adjectives, God said his-- And called the quiet to answer it (Hook) (Cody Miles) Who are you to talk back to God!


This track had been originally recorded in the summer of 2011 in Taylor, Texas at Skeliskel's studio. Cody and I had decided to connect while I had been on vacation that summer visiting the States. After having recorded this song we then made a decision to work on an album together. This is my favorite song from that album. The original concept had been more of an electronic feel, but because of time and budget constraints and the fact that during the final mixing and composition of the album I had been in Amsterdam, Cody and I hadn't had the ability to correctly fulfill my idea. Almost 2 years after it's release in 2012, I have finally achieved that idea. I hope you enjoy the new music.

- Mista Min


released February 24, 2014

Produced and Mixed by Mista Min
Written by Cody Miles and Marcos Quirino Deida
Recorded by David Brandon Gonzales at Skeliskel Studio
Mastered by Ludwig Maier at GKG Mastering


all rights reserved



Mista Min Munich, Germany

From San Jaun, Puerto Rico to West Palm Beach, Florida to Austin, Texas and now in Munich, Germany, Mista Min has seen and witnessed so many amazing and like wise tragic events.
His goal via his music is to share them with you.

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